JBL clip+ repair

       My brother asked me to look at this as it became intermittent and then totally stopped working. Electronics seem to work just fine but there is no sound.

Time to tear it apart.

There is a rubber bumper on the back side. Removing it carefully shows a nice detail. A couple pegs that align the ends so they line up perfectly upon assembly.

Once removed, there are 3 screws. Removing those lets us take the back cover off.

With the back cover off, we see a PCB and another set of three screws.

There are tabs that hold the mesh grille in place.

Back of the front cover or baffle.

All taken apart.

This is interesting! The C shaped thing surrounding the tiny speaker in the middle is a passive radiator!

small bodge. I did not trace what it was for.

Filterless class D amp with built in boost converter. I was able to measure it being supplied with 8V boosted from a single lipo cell.

bluetooth module.

Lipo cell stuck on the back cover.

It is small at 600mAh but for the speaker to last a decent amount of time, the circuitry must be very efficient.

Speaker removed and the passive radiator is integral to the front cover/baffle.

Here is our problem. The speaker became open circuit.

It is quite tiny.

For size comparison.

It has a plastic inverted cone/dustcap in front but a paper cone behind.

Carefully peeled it back to access the voicecoil pigtails.

Used some alligator clips to hold the plastic cone out of the way.

Removed some adhesive on the pigtail ends.

Too tiny to work with, the leftover coil end was nearly invisible so I had to get some help to see it.

A very fine soldering iron tip and was able to reconnect it. Some hot melt glue to keep it from breaking again.

Heated the cone with a hot air tool and it formed back to its original shape but also slightly deformed the surround. Still sounds fine though, and much better than no sound at all!

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