My Daily Driver

A few things about what I drive everyday...

            Ride: Second Generation 2004 Toyota RAV4

            Engine:⇒ All Stock except for a K&N drop in filter under the hood and a bolt on Tanabe Hyper Medalion Exhaust.

            Exterior:⇒ Dark tints (5%), 4300K Osram HID with FX-R projector retrofits in headlights and 4300K 35W in foglights, 18" Voxx Scorze II or 17" Rota Titan F

            Interior:⇒ Fiberglassed A pillars and Modified Front door panels for speaker mounts and LED interior lights.

            I separated the mods in different subsections so that it is easier to look around. Feel free to browse the subcategories.

In Car Audio System

Onboard Air System and Air Horns

Lighting Mods

Miscellaneous stuff

Places we've been to



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