My Car Audio System

            When I was young, more bass = better. When I got older, I wanted a clean sounding well balanced system where every note sounds equal to each other and the details come in nice and clear. This is what I have done to achieve that.

Current System Diagram:

Source: Alpine CDA-9886 Headunit modified with premium Burr Brown op amps

Signal Processing (1):

Custom built 4channel Line Driver with Premium Analog Devices Op amps and fully balanced outputs.

Signal Processing (2):

Modified Behringer DCX2496

This was taken before the interconnects were changed. Now it is all Canare Star Quad cables for all balanced signal lines.


Canare Star Quad terminated with Switchcraft mini XLR and Neutrik XLR connectors.


Mids and highs: Custom 4ch UcD180 car amp in old car amp chassis

Sub: Phoenix Gold S1000.1 monoblock

The one on the left is a voltage regulator. Provides a solid 14.6V to everything in the rack no matter what the battery voltage is.


TC90TD in custom fiberglass A pillars with custom stamped metal grills.


Focal Flax PS165F mids in deadened doors and custom fiberglass panel.


Image Dynamics IDMAX10D2 in application specific enclosure by PWK Designs.

Transparent view drawing of the PWK enclosure.

       And now for some miscellaneous pics.

Amplifier power and speaker wirings

UcD amp mini XLR input jacks

TermLab reading of the IDMAX sub with music.

My previous PWK box using Polk MM 8's but I replaced it when I burned both subs from playing too hard. They sound very very good and pounds hard.

Digital Designs 1508's in burp box.

       01 Feb 2017:

Had these for a while now and the TC90TD foam surrounds are starting to deteriorate so time to bring out the spares to try them out.

These are the newer TD5 version which uses a shiny titanium inverted dome. Back magnet is also shielded.

Need some break in before it sounds better.

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