Restoring a McIntosh MX5000 Car Radio

       Here's a rare opportunity to work on a rare car stereo. This one was a favor from a friend to clean up and restore close to its original condition. The problems were the CD cannot read discs, the controls are scratchy and the unit is dirty. It took a bit of work but I'll try to explain what has been done step by step in the pictures that follow.

Here's how it arrived on my bench all dusty and not working its 100%:

Popping the top cover off, we are greeted with the CD transport:

And removed the bottom cover to see what's underneath:

Four screws removed to take out the CD transport:

A view of the main PCB. A small film of dust covers the entire board but
was easily cleaned off with horse hair brush (to prevent ESD):

Tone and volume potentiometer sub boards removed to clean the scratchy pots.
The potentiometers are sealed but there is a small gap enough for contact cleaner fluid to get through the resistance elements.
Flushing each one with a generous amount cleaned up the pots nicely:

Volume, balance and fader pot on sub board:

Also on the same sub board are the vehicle interface connections:

Cleaned the CD lens using a cotton swab and lens cleaning fluid.
All that dirt on the swab is just the dust on the lens surface:

Now onto the front panel, I thought this would be a quick jobbie but after cleaning the front glass,
we can see that dust has accumulated on the inside of the display:

Decided to remove the panel PCB from the escutcheon:

And carefully "poured out" the buttons out of the escutcheon:

Wiped and cleaned each button, knob and crevice to make it look nice again.
Also, the foam seal around the display is replaced using closed cell foam:

Returned the PCB, Polished the front glass and copper chassis and put them all together again:

A before and after shot:

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