The Shop

        I was lucky enough to have a room dedicated for a workshop. This is where the fun begins...

Here's a 'look-around' 180 degree view of my shop. This was an old pic from 2009. Not much have changed, except for a lot more mess right now. (See updated pics below)

This taken Dec 2010. My parts bin!

Hopefully I could add more pics when (someday) the shop gets neater to show to the public.

       11 Jan 2014:

       Here are some latest pics of my cave.


Parts bins:

Component part drawers:

Big parts (motors, fans, transformers etc) bins:

Hand tools, DSO and Arbitrary waveform gen underneath:

Scrap PCBs for scavenging parts:

More parts boxes:

Necktie hook from Ikea used for hanging wires:

Hakko FX888 and FX951 and various solder alloys on DIY spool holder (60/40, 63/37, silver solder),
picks, needle files etc. Fume extraction duct can also be seen at right:

Top to bottom: 6 inch ruler, 60watt basic pencil iron (temp control in handle), 65W FX-888 iron, 70W FX-951 iron.
Yes, the FX-951 handpiece weighs like nothing.

LED table lamp. Gives over 5000lux at the bench surface and more than 15,000lux when used up close for precise work.
And it's powered off of solar, drawing about 1.2A at 12V.

Shop stereo. Cheapie headunit, DIY bookshelf speakers, Soundstream amp and DD1508 subs all also powered off of solar:

Scroll saw, micro mill, micro drill press and microscope:

Under the workbench. Drill press on left, batteries and electricals for the off grid system:

Misc stuff shelf:

Nope, that's not a scanner on the right. It's torn down and installed lamps inside used for exposing PCBs:

Mystery shelf

More storage shelf:

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