Genesis Profile Amp Teardown

       Genesis Profile Sub amp. Not much to say here, only that this came in for repair so I took the opportunity to take pics. Enjoy!

The amp itself. It is very thin and compact at 1.5in high.

Removing the top bezel to gain access to the screen.

Removing the badge and screen reveals two more screws that hold the top cover on (besides the ones on the sides and back).

With the top cover off.

Caps for the auxiliary supply are Samyoung branded.

Secondary bulk caps are Jamicon brand.

Main DC input bulk capacitance is a Rubycon brand. Only decent one I found.

Input signal conditioning and crossover op amps. These are all TL074.

SMPS control circuitry. An LM358 and SG3525.

Main switching mosfets for the power supply.

Output stage transistors.

Back of the main PCB. DC-DC output rectifiers are all DO-27 style. The four TO220 transistors are drivers.

Heatsink and base plate.

Main switchers are IRF3205

Two are blown with the controller IC going intermittent.

Output transistors are four pairs of Sanken 2SA1386 and 2SC3519.

These were all fine. During testing, I found that the two inner pairs get hot at low power and the outer ones get hot at higher powers.

The original SG3525 on the right and the SOIC16 wide version connected on the left.

I did not have the narrow version available so I had to work with what I had.

After testing, the jumper wires are gunked in hot melt glue for strenght.

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