Inside my Flir E4

       I always had an issue with my E4 ever since I got it. It is fine but everytime the battery is touched or movied, it would randomly shut off which is a pain as from cold boot it takes a while until all functions are available.

       Initially,I thought it was that the battery contacts are getting dirty, cleaning it helps but only a little. I tried adding dielectric grease which helped for a little while but the problem still persisted. Time to bring out the screwdriver.

Let's start with the obvious. Mike has a video of him doing a teardown on the E4 which showed how to open it.

Two screws under the USB port rubber flap.

Two more screws on the metal bottom bracket/plate.

Removing the trim ring on the lens side reveals two more hidden screws.

The trim ring is ABS plastic with chrome finish so be careful not to break the tabs.

Removing the lens cover assembly leaves us with this.

The trigger button can easily be lifted off to reveal the last screw to take off.

With the hand gripping the side and the index finger pushing the plastic bit near the lens, the entire front case comes off while leaving the guts on the back case.

Now we have this.

Yes, I was working on the bed. While watching a movie.

This is where I was having issues.

Battery contact has two side contact also.

Upon closer inspection, the top side contacts do not touch which meant the battery only has electrical connection from the side.

Bent the contacts out for better reach.

After inserting the battery in and out a few times to form the contacts to their final shape.

       Seems to have worked well. Even while forcibly moving the battery while in place, it does not turn off which is a success. While I was at it, the foam surround on the LCD is worthless that dust was still getting in to the screen area so I blew off the dust. Did not have a proper foam so I was not able to put in a permanent fix, but opening it is not too hard now that I have pics so it will be easier next time around.

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