LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500

       I've had this for a while now and it works well but I'm curious of how well it is make inside so I just had to take the screwdriver out.

This is the charger. I had it for several months now that's why it is a little dusty.

nameplate on the underside with some specs.

Six small screws hold the bottom cover on. Removing them and the bottom cover easily comes off.

The bottom cover holds the PCB so there are no screws holding the PCB to the top part of the case.

Be careful to remove the springs first from the negative contact sliders befre lifting the PCB.

Here we can see four independent buck converters.

The TO-220 devices are the discharge loads. 4.2V at 0.5A max so they will dissipate 2.1W each max, they will still get pretty hot.

Another two discharge MOSFETs at the back.

The circuitry in the middle is for the back USB outlet which only works in powerbank mode, the four cell bays are summed with two SS34 diodes each and goes to this circuit to boost it to 5V 1A output.

Two thermistors sense the four bays for temperature sensing.

They go into holes in the top case (white goop can be seen) for better thermal contact with the cells.

The LCD is a custom module with an anonymous LCD driver chip.

One button is mounted skewed but still works fine.

       This is well enough made, lots of good reviews online and it works well. Build quality is decent, PCB is pretty clean with some flux residues from manual soldering. Parts quality is typical with chinese made gear but not the cheapest ones they could get. I say this is a good charger to have, this replaced my i4 for charging duties.

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