Behringer DCX2496 Modification

I've had my DCX2496 for a while and the upgrades were done in a span of a couple years. The first mods were to replace all op amps (17!) to Burr Brown OPA2604's. The recent upgrade was to replace all electrolytic caps in the analog and digital boards with Panasonic FC and Panasonic FM caps. Also, the critical filter capacitors before the ADC and after the DAC were originally ceramic capacitors so they were replaced with SMD Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) film caps.

Please note this is not a complete 'how to' step by step. I made this page just to show what was done.

Op amp upgrade:

There are six SOIC-8 op amps on the parts side....

And 11 SOIC-8 op amps on the solder side!

Close up of analog board. 2.2nF 0603 ceramic caps to be replaced with PPS caps:

As if size wasn't a problem. The smallest 2n2 PPS caps come in only 0805 size!

Fortunately, the pad sizes are large enough and there was enough clearance between components so the larger PPS caps fit just fine.

Another angle

Four more PPS caps for the ADC input. 1.5nF each

All capacitors in the digital board are replaced with Panasonic FC capacitors

closer shot:

And another....

Analog board caps replaced with Panasonic FM

Leftovers. There were two PPS cap casualties. Since these were designed for reflow, They melt VERY easily with a soldering iron. I turned the temp real low to prevent damage (320C / 600F)

Overall view before putting the top cover back on. The sharp eyed will see two caps left stock. Those were used for the mic preamp for auto setup so they didn't need to be upgraded.

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