Update 04 Mar 2011: There appears to be instances where I'm getting failed to send messages with emails I never sent to people I don't know.
Spam bots must have picked up my emails so I did the necessary change.
A real human person (I hope) will know how to contact me with what is provided below....

Since this site is only about my hobby and I have a real day job,
please be patient as I have limited time and it may take me from a day to a week or more before I can answer your email.

If you do decide to contact me, please let me know where you got/found my email (just curious where people find my email address )

PS: If you just want to tell me about what you are selling or your services, one email is enough.
There are now a few emails being regularly sent to me where I have never subscribed to their services.
Now I am annoyed and these all go to the junk folder.
I shall start naming and shaming if they don't stop.

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